Manchester City Cup is a Stay & Play event!

Surf Sports partner Athlete Travel is a leading sports travel management company, offering the most seamless experience for your teams, players, and families to book their stays.

Easy Three-Step Process:

1. Apply to the Tournament. Teams must first be accepted into the event before booking a hotel.
2. Look out for an email officially accepting your team into the Tournament.
3. Make all reservations through Athlete Travel. You will be emailed your booking link directly and provided a contact for any questions.

Man City Cup is a “Stay and Play” Tournament; Teams traveling from outside of Southern California are required to book hotel rooms at one of our approved hotels via the provided booking links. Reservations made outside the provided link will NOT count towards this event’s “Stay & Play” requirements.

Final acceptance into the event will be granted upon fulfillment of the team’s obligation to book rooms within the rules of the “Stay & Play” hotel agreement. Failure to do so will result in the team being removed from the event.